About us


Tradition, creativity and a touch of glamour are the fundamental elements of La Carrie’s DNA, the values which have built the line over the years making it the reference brand among the young consumers looking for originality. The story of Bigfoot Srl begins in 1995 in Castel Bolognese, province of Ravenna, thanks to the entrepreneurial and visionary spirit of Nazzareno Amatori. As a consequence of the union between the creative side of fashion and the quality of hand made items, the story of the company started with the production of shoes and accessories for the most renowned brands in the Italian fashion landscape, nurturing that inner rebel spirit that brought the activity over the following twenty years to create an iconic brand.


It’s 2014 and during this time, the new generation of the Amatory family realises the dream of giving life to a brand that typifies the new consumers and embodies their values. Paola, CEO of the company, and Francesco, designer with an eclectic taste, created La Carrie to convey with a modern flair and original style, willpower, independence, and beauty, and that dash of recklessness which is typical of the women choosing La Carrie bags every day.


La Carrie denotes bucket bag. Since its birth, the brand has been focussing on the originality of that shape, choosing it as its reference model and the symbol of its identity. In a short time, it has become a case history for its market segment, since the duo bucket- La Carrie has instantly proven to be inseparable and essential. Even today, long after the first collection, the best selling models are still the bucket bags, showing how the brand has managed to create a true consumer classic around its name.


The products by La Carrie are distributed throughout the national territory thanks to a widespread and extensive sales network, including the best retailers of the premium and entry-to luxury category. Its presence in the European countries, covered through liaison offices located in the major markets of the Mediterranean area and in North-Europe, is getting stronger.