Tradition, creativity and a touch of glamour are the fundamental values that have made La Carrie one of the reference brands for those looking for an accessory with an unconventional design.

The history of Bigfoot Srl began in 1995 in Castel Bolognese, in the province of Ravenna, thanks to the entrepreneurial and visionary spirit of Nazzareno Amatori. The creative research and the quality of the manufacture have allowed the company to start collaborating with some of the most famous brands in the Italian fashion scene for the production of shoes and accessories. After twenty years of success, the company creates a brand capable of becoming an icon in a short time:
La Carrie.


It is 2014 when the new generation of the Amatori family realizes the dream of creating a brand that can represent the style and values of new consumers. Paola and Francesco Amatori, respectively company manager and designer with eclectic taste, give life to a brand that tells the independence, beauty and original style of the women who every day choose La Carrie bags.


Carrie has always focused on the originality of the design, choosing as a reference model a product that over the years has become a true icon: the bucket La Carrie. A best-selling model of the collection, perfect for both casual office looks and for the most elegant evenings.


The collections by La Carrie are distributed throughout the country, thanks to a capillary sales network that includes the best retail of the premium and entry-to-luxury, and at European level thanks to representative offices present in the most important markets of the Mediterranean area and northern Europe.