La Carrie has always promoted solidarity projects aiming to support associations and institutions that are constantly engaged in the fight against the violence towards women and in supporting the territory. La Carrie stands by all its Queens.


Statistics speak for themselves: all over the world one woman out of three declares that she has experienced some kind of violence. In our country the victims are over 6 million and more than 100 are those killed out of jealousy or due to “too much love”. For those women who are victims of domestic violence, their homes can indeed turn from a safe haven into a prison.

The number of women exposing these acts is very low, revealing one of the biggest cultural issues: silence. La Carrie was born to speak to women, suggesting an independent and unconventional attitude towards everyday life. This is the reason why it’s time to say enough and break the deafening silence that covers such abuses.


La Carrie launches a project together with the D.i.Re. association - Donne in Rete contro la violenza (Women networking against violence), with the aim to raise awareness on the topic of gender violence, which has become a real emergency, and to create a network of women that is able to support the exposing actions. The underlying belief is that such an initiative could create a spirit of protection for the victims and ease the aid from the specialized institutions for a quick reintroduction of those who went through abuse and the certainty of punishment for those who perpetrate violence.

La Carrie launches the campaign-related hashtag #ROMPIAMOILSILENZIO (#LETSBREAKTHESILENCE) to involve each one of you in this fight, and it dedicates an exclusive bag to the project. Buying DIANA, the iconic bucket bag in its total pink version, you will help us to support D.i.Re., the most important Italian anti-violence association, with its protection-related projects which address women and children who are victims of violence in Italy.

With 80 reception centres and women’s shelters located throughout Italy, D.i.Re. is the most important Italian anti-violence association. Since 2008, thanks to targeted projects aiming to protect and re-establish people in society, it protects women and children who have been victims of violence, promotes their education and the reintroduction in the social fabric and workplace. Over 21 thousand women are held nowadays in the centres managed by the association, and we want to dedicate our efforts and commitment to them.


La Carrie demonstrated its commitment with D.i.Re. - Donne in Rete contro la violenza (Women networking against violence), launching the hashtag #ROMPIAMOILSILENZIO (#LETSBREAKTHESILENCE) which is also the name of the communication campaign we will be involved in over the year through awareness-raising actions on the topic. Soiree special guests: Lella Palladino, President of D.i.Re., Cecilia Rodriguez, Ignazio Moser and Zoe Cristofoli.